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Our family owned and operated roofing company with over 37 years of experience was founded by Bob Hartmann in 1972. Both father and son, Don, have been working hand in hand since 1982. Our small family business has stood the test of time. That means you count on us to be there for you in the future.

We are proud of our exceptional quality products and professional installations.

At Hartmann Roofing, LLC, in Palm Beach County, Florida, we are committed to providing our customers with quality, affordable roofing products and services. Our professionals can help you determine the condition of your existing roof, and help guide you through your options for repair.

Bringing Professional Quality Roofing Products to Palm Beach County

Shingle Leak Repairs When doing a shingle roof leak, we will remove a small area of shingles from the suspected area. Once the shingles are removed, we’ll remove the underlayment (black paper) and inspect the wood underneath. If the wood is rotten, it will be replaced and new shingles will be installed. The new shingles will be painted to match the rest of your rooftop.
Tile Leak Repairs  When performing a tile leak repair, the first step is to remove tiles in the suspected area and locate the leak. We’ll then remove the underlayment and take a look at the wood underneath. If it’s rotten it will be removed and replaced. Then we replace the underlayment with new and secure the removed tiles back into place.
 Roof Pressure Cleaning  We do NOT use any chemicals during our pressure cleaning process, rather a surface cleaner. By using only water and pressure on your roof we will help increase the life of your existing roof.

Strong chemicals like chlorine are extremely dangerous for your roof. They can get in between the barrier of your underlayment and cause severe damage.